The Greenwake project.

Wake vortexes and wind shear are potential causes of accidents and injuries to passengers and crew of all aircraft types. There are currently few options for protection against these phenomena, and the main way of reducing accidents is to impose mandatory separation times between aircraft which can affect the operating performance of airports.

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Air Transport Level Benefits

Sim Soft LTD

Scan Mechanism

Scan Mechanism

3D Prototype of Scan mechanism

The laser is mechanically scanned over the area of interest.
  • Two lightweight mirrors
  • Monostatic
  • 5Hz update rate

Utilising the expertise of Sula Systems gained from 20 years of designing and building mechanical scanning systems for the demanding Space sector.



Detector integration with receiver/ optical bench/ laser

The integration activity combines the experience and cutting-edge technologies provided by

  • Sula Systems (scanning)
  • AST (optical bench)
  • Photonic Science (detector)
  • SimSoft and UCL (signal processing)

with the expertise of Hovemere Ltd.
Hovemere, has long and successful heritage in Lidar systems, takes responsibility for the receiver and detection optics and the overall integration

Tunnel Trials

VZLU Wind tunnel

VZLU Wind tunnel

  • 3m LSWT

Generation of wind effects in tunnel is nearly finalised.Test detection of:

  • Wake vortices
  • Wind shear
  • Gusts


Upcoming Event

Project meeting in Prague, at VZLU 12-13 July.